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At Medical Center L'Eliana we have professionals who will give you a personalized diet so that you can achieve the change you want through nutrition. Personalization is very important, it doesn't work the same for everyone.


Forget about miracle diets with which you will only achieve short-term results and put yourself in our hands to learn how to eat healthily and manage your weight, with changes in your lifestyle. Without counting calories. Stop living on a diet without getting results and learn to eat well and enjoy eating!

We have two types of diets:

-Protein diet: This type of diet consists of the patient entering the exact amount of proteins that their body needs, thus improving their health. Although a greater commitment is required on the part of the patient, the results obtained are incredible.

- Hypocaloric diet: This is a diet in which the patient consumes fewer calories than his body really needs, thus causing the body to use the accumulated fat reserves, thus causing weight loss. 

​Contact us and we will advise you on which one is most suitable for you.

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