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Excessive sweat

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Medical Center L'Eliana is a reference clinic in "Aesthetic Medicine" treatments.

Our aesthetic medicine treatments are always personalized and adapted exclusively to the needs of the patients. 

The treatments are minimally invasive.


Dr. Ricardo masters exceptional technical precision  to apply the treatments satisfactorily and with minimal discomfort. 

With an experience of thousands of patients successfully treated in Spain and London, Dr. Ricardo has achieved a level of excellence in his treatments, with natural and satisfactory results.

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Dr Ricardo Gutierrez

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Ratings from our patients

Información médica

Excellent doctor! I had the fillers done and I will only go to Dr. Ricardo. Very complete in his explanation of the treatment, attentive and sensitive to my needs. It certainly goes above and beyond and delivers great results. Highly recommended.

Dr. Ricardo was extremely honest and genuine during our consultation. I appreciate this and will highly recommend it.

Hello I have had cosmetic injectables many times with Dr. Gutierrez and have been extremely happy on all occasions with the results I highly recommend him and will continue to use him for all my future cosmetic procedures.

Dear Dr. Ricardo, Thank you for the wonderful experience and for reassuring my confidence! I'm very happy with the results!

Ricardo has left my lips very beautiful! It did an amazing job of plumping my lips while keeping them in good shape. 16 months later, they are still stuffed and I will definitely go back to Ricardo when I need a top-up. 

Hello Dr. Ricardo I just wanted to thank you for the treatment and for making me feel so welcome. I know that I am in trustworthy hands and I am very happy with the result! 

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